53. Oppositional Sexism, Cissexism, and Transphobia

Reasonable Expectations and Learning Experiences Gender binarism is the view that there are two, mutually exclusive genders: man and woman. This tends to align with there being only two, mutually exclusive sexes: male and female. (I don't buy into the clear sex/gender distinction, so I use male/female/man/woman interchangeably.) Oppositional sexism is the view that the 

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39. “Hey, I Bet You’d Know: How Do Guys Think?”

Short Answer: No Idea, Stop Asking Every once in a while I get asked about how guys think. The implicit, or sometimes explicit, presumption is that I must have some sort of insider information, since — they seem to think — I used to be (or still am?) a guy. This post is about how 

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38. My Many Forms of Privilege

Do You Know About Yours? Many of us carry around at least some form of privilege. Some have many forms of privilege. Of course, we often didn't ask for this privilege, and we often didn't do anything to gain the privilege, but that doesn't mean we're not responsible for it. Privilege is essentially an unfair 

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