Work Climate

53. Oppositional Sexism, Cissexism, and Transphobia

Reasonable Expectations and Learning Experiences Gender binarism is the view that there are two, mutually exclusive genders: man and woman. This tends to align with there being only two, mutually exclusive sexes: male and female. (I don't buy into the clear sex/gender distinction, so I use male/female/man/woman interchangeably.) Oppositional sexism is the view that the 

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51. Asking the Right People About Climate for Trans* People

If You Want to Know if A Department is Friendly to Trans* Students, Ask Trans* Students A recent thread on the fantastic blog, Feminist Philosophers, asks for people to weigh in about what a prospective trans* PhD student can do about her situation in applying to grad programs, and there are also questions about general 

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