28. Questions and Answers, Part 2

More Questions from Class Last week, I explained how I often include an "Ask a Trans Person" lecture when I'm teaching gender identity and transgender issues. I included a few questions that I was asked and how I answered them. In this post, I'll continue with more questions from that class. Again, I welcome reader 

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27. Questions and Answers, Part 1

Another Round of Student Questions This term, one of the courses that I'm teaching is an introduction to ethics, both theory and issues. I spent the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the course teaching the ins and outs of various central theories, and how to apply them to real-life cases like euthanasia, abortion, crime and 

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13. Deciding to Transition

What if I…? What if they…? This post is about part of my thought process in deciding to transition. My primary worry in choosing to go ahead with transitioning has always been employment. Trans people are historically drastically unemployed or underemployed, and experience horrible workplace discrimination and harassment. Now, I think that I’m pretty good 

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