19. The Times They Are A-Changin’

I Hope, Anyway… In April 2012, the Ontario Human Rights Commission handed down a landmark decision impacting the rights of trans* persons to have their gender markers changed on their Ontario birth certificates without undergoing invasive, dangerous, painful, and often expensive sex reassignment surgery. The commission argued that it's unjust to require a medical procedure 

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18. A Comfortable Teaching Situation

Discussing Trans Issues in a Business Ethics Course In a previous post I discussed my coming-out experiences with my classes on the first day of the Spring 2012 semester. In my business ethics course, a weekly three-hour night class, I decided to spend one week on gender equity issues (where we watched most of Miss 

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9. What’s My Legal Sex/Gender?

On Having Conflicting Identification Canadians have five principal legal documents that carry a sex/gender designation: birth certificate, social insurance number (SIN), passport, health card, and driver’s licence (DL). The rules for having one’s sex/gender designation changed is different from document to document, though some share the same rules. And the rules for some of the 

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